At AMT every session is catered to your individual needs.  All sessions use the appropriate amount of pressure to achieve your personal goals.




A Therapy session

Is geared towards helping you address specific injuries to regain optimal performance and or quality of life.  This session will have a clinical approach and may or may not be relaxing in the process.  Therapist utilizes Neuromuscular, Myofascial Release, Trigger Point Therapy, AIS or PNF Stretching, Kinesiology Taping and other modalities as needed. New Client First session allow 90 minutes for full intake.  ~ 60 or 90 Minute Sessions Available~


A Relaxation session

Will utilize a more traditional Sweedish approach with the Myofascial Release being done with slow elongated stretching type movements.  The intention being to help you release and achieve a deep sense of relaxation. Heated table and high quality essential oils included ~ 60 or 90 Minute Sessions Available~


For an even deeper sense of homeostasis choose the foot reflexology session. Laying on a heated table with warm blanket and scented eye bag using high quality essential oils. The entire session is applied to the feet and calves. ~Allow 60 minutes wear loose pants that can be rolled up to the knee~